Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Open AI Announces ChatGPT

Though not strictly speaking directly related to photography or even to AI imaging, Open AI's newest release ChatGPT nevertheless has great relevance to the subject matter of this blog inasmuch as it calls attention to the extent to which AI is revolutionizing 21st century technology.  Already there are those who are predicting that the app will replace Google Chrome in the very near future.

Essentially, ChatGPT is a natural language processing (NLP) model, which is really just another way of saying that it is an AI app that works in conversational mode.  One can thus ask it questions in everyday language and get answers that are for the most part correct, though subject to a number of limitations that are listed in the link above.  It is this ability to interact with AI through ordinary conversation that makes the app so attractive that it has already acquired more than one million users.

All that is required to begin using ChatGPT is an Open AI account, for which many including myself have already signed up in order to have access to DALL-E 2.  I will begin experimenting with the new app in coming days and am excited to learn what it has to offer and what new possibilities it will make available.

Monday, December 5, 2022

Adobe Stock to Accept AI Generated Images

I received an email today from Adobe Stock announcing that it will now accept AI generated images from users' accounts.  The email stipulated that all submissions must adhere to the generative AI content guidelines and must clearly be labeled "Generative AI" in the image title.  

The same email referenced an Adobe Blog Post entitled "Bringing the next wave of Artificial Intelligence to Creative Cloud" which announced that Adobe intends to "develop an approach that centers on the needs of creatives by integrating Generative AI in Adobe creative tools."  As an example the post asked readers to "imagine, for instance, AI within Photoshop that generates rich, editable PSDs."  Nor is Photoshop the only Adobe app to be mentioned in the post.  It goes on to say that "Generative AI incorporated into Adobe Express will help less experienced creators achieve their unique goals."

The same blog post also referenced the Content Authenticity Initiative that aims to establish "an open industry standard for content authenticity and provenance" by providing off-the-shelf open-source tools to integrate content credentials into your site, app, or service."  This last, of course, is of utmost importance for any creators wishing to retain credit for their AI creations.

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

RODE Video Micro II

The top selling RODE directional mic has gotten an upgrade, it was recently announced.  With an expected release date of December 2nd the Video Micro II promises to supply users with professional level sound recording in an all-metal body at a bargain price of only $79.  Featuring annular line tube technology and a supercardioid polar pattern, it weighs only 39 grams and works without battery power.  It comes complete with a RODE WS12 deluxe windshield, a Helix isolation mount, and TRS adapter cables.

I've been thinking very seriously of vlogging at some time in the near future when I've finished working on my current mixed media project. and I believe the RODE mic would be a great add-on no matter which camera I choose to use.

Monday, November 28, 2022

Stable Diffusion 2.0

Stability AI has announced the release of a new version of its AI imaging app, Stable Diffusion.  While the new version promises better image quality, it also has removed the ability to request images in the style of well known artists, a huge setback for those seeking continuity in the app's output.

While composing this post, I tested the demo model and was first told I was 15th in a queue of 15.  Ten minutes later I was still at the same spot.  Suspecting the app might have frozen since the length of the queue had not changed, I refreshed the web page and tried again.  This time I was 33rd in a queue of 33 and am still at that same position as I write this, leading me to the obvious conclusion that there are bugs in the app that need to be resolved.  (It may simply be that the online app has been so flooded with service requests that it is unable to process them.)  Once the problem has been fixed I will experiment to determine how greatly the results from the new version differ from that obtained under the old when using the same text prompt.

Monday, November 21, 2022

On 1 Updates Photo RAW 2023


I received not one but several emails from On 1 over the past few days notifying me of a free update to Photo RAW 2023 that improves the app's AI masking capabilities.  To be more specific, the update includes the following features:

  • Enhanced masking results and consistency for Super Select AI, Mask AI, Quick Mask AI, and AI adaptive presets;
  • Improved performance for the Mask Refine Brush;
  • Improved opening speed for RAW files;
  • Improved layout of the metadata pane;
  • Additional RAW support for several camera models; and 
  • Additional lens profiles for several manufacturers

I downloaded and installed the update yesterday without problem.  I'm growing more and more impressed with Photo RAW 2023 to the extent that it may soon supplant Luminar Neo as my preferred photo editor.  This is all the more likely as On 1 supplied its customers with a comprehensive user guide immediately upon the app's release while Skylum has instead given out only a scattering of video tutorials over the past few months that users must pore through in hopes of finding answers to their questions.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Affinity Photo Announces Version 2.0

Affinity Photo has announced Version 2.0 of its popular software.  One should not be fooled by Affinity's very reasonable price.  This is a complete RAW processor and photo editor rolled into one and has everything a professional digital photographer needs to create great images.  As for myself, however, I am currently using DxO PhotoLab, Luminar Neo, and On 1 Photo RAW and these more than satisfy my software needs, at least for now.  After all, there are only so many apps a photographer can use on a regular basis.  But this should not discourage anyone else from purchasing the Affinity app.  It really is a great piece of software as my own experience with Version 1.0 has shown.

All Affinity apps are currently available at a 40% discount.  It has not yet been announced, at least not that I've heard, how long this reduced pricing will last.

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Sale on Luminar Neo Extensions

Through November 17th Skylum is running a $98 three-for-the-price-of-two sale on extensions for its photo editing app Luminar Neo.  I had not previously purchased any myself, mostly because Skylum has been releasing these extensions piecemeal and not announcing them in advance.  There are enough currently available now, however, that I thought it would make sense to take advantage of the sale and so chose Supersharp AI, Noiseless AI, and the Universal Background Remover, all of which I was able to install without problem.  I already own sharpening and noise reduction filters from both Topaz Labs and On One but wanted to have alternatives available.  I'll be testing a number of photos to see which developer's apps work best for me.

Those who purchase the Background Remover extension should be aware that it is not grouped with the other extensions on Neo's Edit menu but is instead to be found after installation on the Masking menu.