Sunday, March 20, 2022

The Intruder


Before beginning any discussion of digital photography, which will be the true content of this resurrected blog, I first want to take the opportunity to shamelessly plug my new novel The Intruder that I only completed this past week. 

My creative writing has become an important part of my life.  Although I majored in English lit in college and had always dreamt of becoming a novelist, it was only when I was already in my 60's that I finally found enough time to begin.  It was a much more difficult process than I'd imagined, even more difficult than when I first began teaching myself photography almost a half century ago.  I've found, however, that as I persevered I attained greater mastery of my abilities - which is not to say I don't still have a long way to go - just as I became more proficient at working in the darkroom through continued practice.

The Intruder is my sixth novel but one of only three currently available for sale online as an ebook.  I've found that self-publishing allows me to treat my written works in the same manner as a photography portfolio in that as I add new works I can at the same time pull older pieces that I no longer feel best represent my talents.

As for the content of my novel, here's the synopsis I posted on the sale pages:
In a story set in New York City at the height of the Covid pandemic, Chance Wentworth, having taken a DNA test on nothing more than a whim, is thoroughly shaken when he discovers he had actually been switched at birth in a Brooklyn hospital.  Now, facing a lonely old age, he must set out in search of the family he never knew.  Meanwhile, his best friend Brian, once one of New York’s most successful photographers, is forced to deal with his own crisis in a devastating encounter with the new “cancel culture.”  As his reputation is ravaged by accusations of sexual harassment he learns who among his friends are truly loyal.  On the verge of losing everything, he at last finds true love but is left wondering if it isn't already too late for happiness.
If anyone has an interest in reading the book - and I would greatly appreciate it if you did - below are the links at which it is available in either Kindle or Nook format for only $2.99.

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