Thursday, September 8, 2022

DALL-E Invitation

As readers of this blog are well aware, I've become increasingly intrigued by the ways in which AI has transformed digital photography.  Recently, it's reached the point where a camera is no longer necessary.  Several apps have appeared that can generate photorealistic imagery solely from verbal prompts.  The two leaders in the field, at this point at least, are Stability AI's Dream Studio and Open AI's DALL-E 2.

I've already logged on as a user of Dream Studio and last Thursday signed up for the wait list for DALL-E 2.  Yesterday I received an email from Open AI inviting me to begin using the latter app to create imagery.

I had originally intended to wait until winter arrived to begin creating with these AI apps, intending to use what was left of the warm weather to continue photographing outdoors as long as possible.  This decision was reinforced by my recent purchase of a Nikon Zfc which I've had a lot of fun working with in recent weeks.  There are few things more enjoyable for a photographer than shooting with a new camera.  On the other hand, now that I have access to these two AI apps I really can't wait to begin experimenting with them.

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