Friday, September 9, 2022

DALL-E 2: John Sloan's New York

My first attempt at using DALL-E 2 was to imagine a bustling early 20th century New York City street scene in the style of John Sloan, a member of the Eight and the Ashcan School and always one of my favorite painters.  I thought the app came up with some truly interesting images and I was definitely pleased with the results.

I've decided this blog, with its emphasis on AI, is a perfect vehicle for displaying the images I've created through the use of DALL-E 2 and similar apps, and I'll hopefully be posting them here regularly alongside the digital photos I take with my cameras.  For me, the appeal of AI is this: While with my camera I'm limited to capturing what I see before me, with AI my only limit is the extent of my imagination.

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