Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Video Modes on GoPro 9

Last week I posted that I would from time to time be advising readers of experts I considered worth following on YouTube.  One such is MountMedia.  I had been experiencing difficulty understanding the differences between various video speed modes (e.g., time lapse, time warp, etc.) on my GoPro9 and found the tutorial addressing these different modes extremely helpful.  I was also impressed by the video quality of the tutorial itself.  It was well lit and well shot.  I think one is naturally more trustful of online tutorials when the material therein is presented in a professional manner, while on the other hand a slovenly presentation would necessarily make one less trustful of author's expertise no matter how impressive his or her credentials. In this case I subscribed to the author's YouTube channel and will be viewing more tutorials there whenever I have time.

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