Friday, August 5, 2022

35 Nikon F-mount Lenses Discontinued

According to an August 3rd article in Amateur Photographer, a UK based publication, Nikon has quietly discontinued 35 F-mount lenses over the past several years.  Despite the big number, this isn't really all that surprising.  I had already posted in May that according to its Medium-Term Management Plan Nikon expects its F-mount DSLR's and lenses to account for less than 5% of its sales by 2025 as it focuses its resources on building its Z line following the incredible success of the Z9 launch.  In order to make the Z line truly successful, however, Nikon will need to drastically increase the number of lenses available for its mirrorless cameras.  This is especially true when it comes to the DX format.  Nikon has been making a big push recently to attract vloggers to its Zfc and newly released Z30, but the fact that there is currently only a handful of lenses that can be used on these cameras may very well discourage potential purchasers.  It only makes sense then that the company would devote as much of its lens making facilities as possible to producing mirrorless camera glass when interest in DSLR cameras and lenses is in any case falling off sharply among both amateur and professional photographers.

A full list of the discontinued F-mount lenses can be found in the Amateur Photographer article at the link above.

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