Monday, November 14, 2022

Nikon DX 50-250mm Lens

I purchased from B&H last week the Nikon DX 50-250mm lens (equiv. 75-375) and thought it a great add-on for my Zfc at a bargain price of only $376.95.  Though the price is low, Nikon didn't stint on features.  As mentioned on the B&H website, the lens features not only vibration reduction, but also an extra-low dispersion element and superior coating.  When using the lens, I found its autofocus to be superfast with no noticeable lag.  For an APS-C format lens it also provides excellent bokeh effects.

The lens came with a free Chiaro Pro 62mm 98-UVATS UV filter.  Normally, I'm leery of using low cost filters as they almost always degrade image quality and are apt to freeze on the lens, but I thought this one better than most.

One crazy problem I had with the lens that's worth mentioning is that when I took it out of the box I found the rear lens cap was frozen in place and impossible to remove.  Not wanting to use force and possibly damage the lens, I took it back to B&H and showed it to the Nikon rep who works the company's display kiosk.  He was  really great and went out of his way to solve the problem.  Even so, once I returned home I replaced the lens cap with the one that came with my 16-50 kit lens and now only keep the the cap loosely placed when the lens is not actually attached to the camera.  Hopefully, that will keep the problem from recurring.

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