Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Sale on Luminar Neo Extensions

Through November 17th Skylum is running a $98 three-for-the-price-of-two sale on extensions for its photo editing app Luminar Neo.  I had not previously purchased any myself, mostly because Skylum has been releasing these extensions piecemeal and not announcing them in advance.  There are enough currently available now, however, that I thought it would make sense to take advantage of the sale and so chose Supersharp AI, Noiseless AI, and the Universal Background Remover, all of which I was able to install without problem.  I already own sharpening and noise reduction filters from both Topaz Labs and On One but wanted to have alternatives available.  I'll be testing a number of photos to see which developer's apps work best for me.

Those who purchase the Background Remover extension should be aware that it is not grouped with the other extensions on Neo's Edit menu but is instead to be found after installation on the Masking menu.

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