Monday, November 21, 2022

On 1 Updates Photo RAW 2023


I received not one but several emails from On 1 over the past few days notifying me of a free update to Photo RAW 2023 that improves the app's AI masking capabilities.  To be more specific, the update includes the following features:

  • Enhanced masking results and consistency for Super Select AI, Mask AI, Quick Mask AI, and AI adaptive presets;
  • Improved performance for the Mask Refine Brush;
  • Improved opening speed for RAW files;
  • Improved layout of the metadata pane;
  • Additional RAW support for several camera models; and 
  • Additional lens profiles for several manufacturers

I downloaded and installed the update yesterday without problem.  I'm growing more and more impressed with Photo RAW 2023 to the extent that it may soon supplant Luminar Neo as my preferred photo editor.  This is all the more likely as On 1 supplied its customers with a comprehensive user guide immediately upon the app's release while Skylum has instead given out only a scattering of video tutorials over the past few months that users must pore through in hopes of finding answers to their questions.

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