Saturday, June 18, 2022

Facebook Altering Its Algorithms

According to a report in The Verge, Facebook is planning to radically alter its algorithms so that it will now prioritize "recommended" posts over those feeds users are currently following.  Apparently, the impetus for the change is increased competition from TikTok that has become so intense it has forced Facebook to play catch up.  As Tom Alison, the Meta executive in charge of Facebook, put it the goal is to transform the site into a "discovery engine."  Personally, I think the move is ill advised since it will end by making Facebook look like an imitator, or copycat, rather than a force in its own right.  And I don't particularly care to have any social media platform recommend what it thinks I should be reading or viewing.  I'm quite capable of deciding that for myself.  As it is, I mostly enjoy viewing photos and videos shot by my friends in Japan and I will not be pleased if these become more difficult to access.

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