Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Moment Anamorphic Lens Adapter

I've been posting quite a bit recently on anamorphic photography lately.  First, I posted on the Sirui 50mm anamorphic lens I purchased last week at B&H and then on the Tiffen Pro-Mist filter I purchased on Monday to use with it.  Appropriately enough, I learned yesterday that an online retailer named Moment of whose existence I had previously been unaware has introduced on Kickstarter a 1.33 adapter that promises to turn any lens into one with anamorphic properties.  According to the specs on the Kickstarter page, the 880g adapter will consist of 6 elements in 4 groups and will have a minimum focusing distance of 0.7m.  The rear filter thread by which it attaches to the front of lenses will be 67mm, but the unit will ship with 72, 77, and 82mm step-up rings to make it usable on almost any lens.  The unit will eventually retail for $1,299 but there are substantial discounts to "early bird" backers on Kickstarter.  The price seems a bit high considering I paid less that $500 for my Sirui lens.  In addition, I distrust adapters in general since I've found they almost always degrade image quality.  Still, the adapter may be of use to other photographers.

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