Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Mediachance Announces Upgrade to AI Photo & Art Enhancer


I received an email from Mediachance yesterday announcing an upgrade to its AI Photo & Art Enhancer, an app I have already discussed favorably in a previous post.  According to the email it is no longer necessary to have a dedicated GPU installed on one's computer in order to run the latest version of the app, numbered 1.1.0.  The software will now also run on a CPU, albeit at a considerably slower speed than that which can be achieved through the use of a dedicated GPU.  This improvement isn't of particular importance to me since I already have an advanced NVIDIA GPU installed on my Acer Concept D7, but it will be of interest to those limited to a CPU.

The same email went on to announce the app's new AI Noise Reduction Model for photos shot at high ISO's.  Again, this isn't of interest to me personally since I already work with the Elite version of PhotoLab 5 that makes use of DxO's Pure Raw technology to achieve incredible noise reduction and in addition have installed on my computer excellent noise reduction apps from On 1 Software and Topaz Labs.  Nevertheless, the new features make AI Photo & Art Enhancer an even greater value at its introductory price of only $28.

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