Friday, June 17, 2022

Portrait Background Removal in Luminar Neo

Skylum has released the newest update to Luminar Neo, numbered 1.1.0, and it's the one users have most eagerly been anticipating - the ability to remove backgrounds in portraits without masking.  The feature, powered by AI, can select subjects with a high degree of precision and a smart brush can then be used to refine the selection.  In addition, the portrait can then be saved separately as a PNG file.

The update also contains important improvements to the app's use of layers.  They now offer RAW support within the layers themselves.  On additional layers, Fit, Fill, and Stretch can be used in image mapping and still retain the chosen proportions.  Additionally, layers can be exported with their transparency saved as PNG, TIFF, and JPEG 2000 files.  Finally, layers can now be reordered according to preference,

I downloaded the update without problem and am quite satisfied with the progress Skylum is making in refining what's arguably already the best photo editor available.  This is all the more remarkable as Skylum engineers are working under extreme conditions in war-torn Ukraine.

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