Thursday, June 9, 2022

Nikon AF-P Nikkor ED-VR 70-300 Lens

I saw earlier this week a new Nikon 70-300 AF-P Nikkor ED-VR lens advertised at B&H for approximately $600.  When I checked Adorama's site, though, I saw the same lens offered used for $450.  Its condition was marked as E-, which meant there might be some minor scuff marks on the barrel and other slight evidence of wear, but when I went down to the store and actually took a look at the piece it appeared in absolutely mint condition.  I bought the lens right then and there and took it home with me, then tested it and found it worked perfectly.  Ironically, I might never have bought the lens if I'd taken a closer look at the specs shown on the B&H page which indicated the lens might not be fully compatible with my Nikon Df.  I had actually bought my Df used in excellent shape, and it's now obvious whoever previously owned it went to the trouble of updating the firmware which was apparently all that was needed.  I shot with the lens again yesterday just to make sure and everything was good.  

In the meantime, I went back to the B&H site simply to obtain a link to this post and found there were no more new models of the lens available; the store is now only selling used models and at higher prices than I paid at Adorama.  I think the lens may be gone for good.  Nikon has recently announced it is discontinuing a large number of F-mount DSLR's and lenses as it switches to the Z-mount mirrorless line, and I think F-mount DSLR owners may be buying up the remaining stocks while they're still available.

I'll update my experience with the lens and post photos taken with it in the near future.

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